The Rise and Rise of Dean Topolinski!

Dean Topolinski

Dean Topolinksi overcame all odds to establish himself as one of the top Canadian entrepreneurs.


For Dean, it was like yesterday when he saw his mansion being gutted by fire. Dean hasn’t forgotten yet how he went through those legal suits and negativity spread against him following that fire incident.


Today, he is counted among successful entrepreneurs and business coaches in Canada. Dean is the man who has seen it all and came back stronger and better than ever. 


His story just seems like something out of inspirational Hollywood flicks. 

Dean can precisely recount the firebreak incident that happened in April 2012.


“I said, ‘Oh my God.’ I ran through the back door and on the roof there are little vents and I could see flames coming out from the little dormer vents,” said Charbonneau. “I said, ‘Oh my God, the fire is in the attic.’ I grabbed the phone and called 911. “


“We spent eight hours watching our stuff burn… All my souvenirs, mementos. Everything. The pictures inboxes were in the part that burned the most, so I had nothing left. That’s all gone.”


Dean has lost his million-dollar Bloomfield Mansion to fire in just a couple of hours. It was the same mention where he dreamed of some big plans for life with his live-in partner, Julie Charbonneau. The couple has invested a big sum of their life investment into the mention. 


The incident has left him devastated. But the most tragic for him was the shocking state of Julie. 


“Julie was depressed. She couldn’t believe that their mansion was burnt down. It was most shocking for me.” recalls Dean.


However, that was the starting of troubles for them. The former owner of the mansion, Jerald Batoff filed a lawsuit against the couple accusing them of burning the property intentionally to obtain insurance money on the home. He even alleged them for not completing a purchase agreement despite paying deposits on the property. 


These things were also affecting the professional life of Dean. Dean admitted that many deals slipped out of his hands as he wasn’t focussed at that time. 


How Dean Fought Hard To Survive and Thrive?



“The chain of unpleasant events has pushed me to my breaking point. I was yet to overcome the grief of that burnt house. But I was pinned down by legal hassles, bad reputation and Julie’s condition. At one moment I thought this was the end of the world.”, said Dean.  


How he made a solid comeback?


Dean replies, “I think adversity can put a lot of things into perspective for you – both inside and outside of the business world. Moving forward is always the most important thing, and facing hardship can make the success you achieve on the other side feel all the more satisfying.”


Dean took a step back to ponder all those happenings as he says”, It is important to get a fresh start so that you can make an informed decision. For that, you need to take a step back. I took a break to re-examine the situation in isolation.”


“This has helped me to find out that those events are temporary. What matters the most is to move ahead in life and business as well. This is the only way to overcome and get success. So I decided to focus on my business as well as to help Julie.”


“Instead of wasting time in overthinking, I tried to sense new business opportunities in Canada. I invested in them.”


What Dean said seems true as he is a successful entrepreneur today. 


Dean is also looking forward to restoring his mansion. Best of luck, Mr. Topolinski!